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    Anyone have a registry tweaks to make the vibrate alert stronger? OR, is this a hardware issue and inherent to the device?
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    I would just like the phone to vibrate more than 1 time on an incoming phone call. The phone vibrating 1 time is absolutely ridiculous. I don't want the phone to ring when the switch is turned off, but I still want to know if I'm getting a call. If I don't want bothered with vibrations, I'll turn the phone completely off. What was palm thinking? Even in a business meeting, a few vibrations isn't going to annoy anyone. If so, people can turn the phones completely off....

    Any fix out there?
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    I feel the same way and I did find a nice program from hannip that lets you edit that alert..
    Treo Alerts


    works pretty well and I acutally know when I receive a message now.
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    Thanks a lot! A little iffy on having beta software on my phone though..
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    Treo Alert Manager isn't your typical beta software.You'll love it.
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    I have installed Treo Alert and it works great.

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