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    So I'm about to go out of town for 8 days. I love using my Modem Link. BUT, the problem is that whenever the phone is not plugged in and I use it for a while, after X minutes (Configured in Start, Settings, System, Power, Advanced), the unit powers down and disconnects the modem via USB.

    Obviously, I can disable the power off when on battery setting, but that's a pain to go back and forth and back and forth changing it every time I use it as a modem. If I leave it to where it doesn't power off, then when it's in my pocket, a button will get pressed, and it will stay on until I turn it off again.

    So, its a back and forth and back and forth setting.

    Any thoughts on how to get around this? Please don't answer PDANet.
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    The screen should just 'dim' (backlight off) and NOT turn off. the screen is still on, but very faint. to hold on a connection, you need to do a "ping -t" at the command prompt.
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