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    As much as I love this phone, I am now on my third one.

    The first one, the camera stopped working

    The second one, multiple problems

    1. A very 'soft' green button (almost no travel)
    2. Multiple times that it had zero cell coverage until a soft reset returned it to normal...
    3. Many times the phone will not ring, with voice mails and txts coming in hours later...
    4. Phone would appear completely dead, even plugging it in to charge there would be no response, until battery was pulled and replaced. And the battery was not dead.

    I hope that this one I have will be ok...
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    I had problems with the key pad on my first unit - no travel at all and when doing a 2 hour price survey, it is not fun having to check the status of the entry. My problem was on the far right side of the device.
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    There's an old saying from a song on a show that used to air called "Hee Haw". It goes like this:

    "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all...."

    I'd say you sure fit that bill in this case. Sorry to hear that you've had so much bad luck. Let us know if this one works out.

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