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    got the 3030 today. awesome piece for the gym, oem earbuds are great. call quality kinda sucked, but I haven't messed with it yet.

    I wish it hung upside down so you can use it easier...
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    Quote Originally Posted by slow_boy View Post
    any suggestions between the jabra bt3030 and s9? I like the hands free use of the s9, but don't like the idea of the support around the head. bt3030 looks good, but having to carry the tag might be an issue. i do like the other stereo headsets, but looks too funky. just need it mostly for music and some talk. is the s9 stereo during a call?
    I actually like both, but it seems as though S9's sound better. Of course, with the BT3030, the headsets can easily be changed, so you can get better quality headsets. Also, the canal (in ear) type earphones that come with them may not suit you.

    Motorola S9:
    1. Trully wireless
    2. You get that "What the F is that?" look
    3. Sound quality is good
    4. Answer/End key is a little tricky to push. I usually end up turning the volume up/down, before finally answering the call.
    5. I have a medium sized head, so if I run, one side can easily come off
    6. May be troublesome, depending on the type of glasses you wear.

    1. Chain can be bothersome, but then you can clip it to your shirt.
    2. WIRES. Though it can work for you, since it looks more common to see wired headsets on people. Plus headsets can be changed to off the shelf headsets with 3.5mm plugs
    3. On/off is done by holding down the button. I wish it was done by holding down 2 buttons or a separate side button, so you don't accidently turn on/off the BT3030.
    4. If worn under the shirt, you look like Iron Man's chest power pack thing. It can be turned off, but it's through a combination of key presses.
    5. Muting is difficult, since it's a combination of button presses, but the mic is on top, so you can easily just cover the mic with your finger.
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