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    Ya, they get yellow like a Volkswagen Bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmopilot View Post
    You need to get a soft reset application so you no longer need to remove the battery cover. I installed one called Soft Reset. Its free and you can find it on the first or second page of the Tweaks and Registry edits sticky posting above. It is definitely worth the time it takes to download and install (30 seconds).
    Cosmopilot, thanks - I already have SoftReset installed. There's a thread here about 800w phones not turning back on, which has happened to me twice so far. The only remedy is to pull the battery and re-insert, which requires opening the battery door (software reset doesn't work if the screen won't turn on and the phone won't respond to any button presses). So I certainly don't plan to do it any more often than necessary, but I'm curious how the Invisible Shield might hold up if one had to pry the battery door off maybe 5 times a month in order to force a soft reset.
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    I agree, I'm interested in the ZAGG shield. I'm leaning towards the ZAGG screen protector, and a sedicio innocase. I just order the screen protector from ZAGG for my wife's Instinct. She's had the phone about 2 weeks now and has already put minor blemishes on the surface. Hopefully the screen protector will fix that problem. Have you got any feedback on the innocase?

    In terms of the soft reset, I've not experience the phone problem you have. When I do a soft reset, I follow the guidance in the manual in terms of turning off all the applications first through task manager. Then I turn the phone off, then I use the soft reset software. Do you do the same thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by webdave View Post
    Yes they are "tacky" feeling compared to a anti-glare/clear protector like Boxwave or Seidio. They also are not as clear. Those are the main reasons I never use Zagg/Body Skinz/BestSkinsEver. They are all made from the same material.
    Thanks for the info. Between that and the yellow coloring I may just go with the anti glare models.
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    Just ordered mine, also. Used the coupon code. That was awesome, thanks.

    Oh, and I currently have the Seidio protector. I don't like it, myself. It is very "slick" which is good, but it is also "thick" and I feel I have to push too hard to get a reaction. I like the ZAGG skins (have bought one for every electronic device I own) b/c they have that "grippy" feel. But it is a very feint grippy. But it feels like writing on paper. It will go well with my new Seidio metal stylus!

    Oh, and I never sent a ZAGG protector back. I just keep using the original. I used my first one for years. Bought it for my 650 and then just pulled it up and moved it to my 700P. When my 700P died, I just pulled it up and moved it to the new one. No issues! It worked perfectly every time. I was impressed.

    And I have NEVER noticed a "yellowing" of the protector and I used the same one for years. If it yellows, I can't notice it. It didn't affect the visibility at all. Mine worked like a champ the entire time I had it.

    Great protector.

    Now if I could only figure out what kind of cover I want on the phone, it'd be perfect.

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    I've never experienced yellowing either. And if it did yellow, peel it off, send it back in, and you'll get a replacement for free. They have a very liberal return policy.
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