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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but when I enter ##EVDO# I get the following 2 messages:

    Failed TILUtilReadNVItem

    Error: Could not retrieve Curent Service Mode

    Am I doing something wrong?
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    Try it again (everyone gets these errors the first few times) and exit. I would enter in the code again, error codes popup, and close the windows (including dial screen). I've had the EVDO screen load twice behind these error screens without me realizing it.

    It usually takes about 3 tries. Afterwards the error codes should stop.
  3.    #3 was opened in the background. Umm yeah, after I checked the Rev. A box I went from 800kbps to 580kbps
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    Oh yeah should've probably mentioned that the Treo 800w has RevA enabled out of the box. Not sure why it doesn't have that checkmark though. Probably why we get errors accessing this menu (Palm might've been messing around with it).

    I too thought I noticed an actual decrease in speed. Here's the deal.

    Checking the box the first time actually disables RevA (since it's already on). Uncheck it and save. Then go back and enable it. Should fix the issue.

    Also remember that it probably takes a couple minutes for the phone to switch between Rev0 and RevA.

    Hope that helps.
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    How do you know if your using revA ??
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    Honestly I really don't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    How do you know if your using revA ??
    best way to tell is to do a speed test that shows both upload and download speeds. EVDO Rev 0 is capped at 128 kpbs upload speeds. on Rev A I consistently get 300-400 kbps using speed tests.
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    Ah really? Wasn't aware of that. Most download sites only show my my download rate. I'll be sure to checkout my upload as well. Thanks for the info!
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    Whats a good download speed test site.?
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    I use ...I consistantly get 700-800kbps. is that good? I'm in the NYC area...

    It's cool to see that the top 3 fastest connections are on, which I'm assuming are on the Sprint network.
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    I ran it and I got 575 and 640 kbps . I assume that EVDO .

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