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    I was not so happy with my Moto q9c so I sent an email to E-care asking them to cut me a good deal on the new Treo 800... they did... however they want the Moto q9c back.... i just got the return prepaid envelope from sprint...
    my question is.... what do the want back?
    Phone? --- off course......
    Batter??? --- Off course...
    Wall charger???
    ear phones???
    Or EVERYTHING that came with the box???? I think Ive already lost a couple of accessories....

    what do you guys thing?
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    well i haven't heard this before but if they want something would be the phone only
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    From what I understand they want everything. What's weird is that instead of sending me this "return kit" they emailed me a prepaid shipping label that I print and stick on a box.

    My brother received the shipping envelop instead. Sprint is really decentralized with their operations....

    To be safe I would call customer support and ask. My bro has literally just stuck the whole phone retail box inside that envelop. Haven't sent it in yet though.
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    I'm pretty sure they need everything - box and all. The only time I've found that I only need to ship back the phone is when it's going to get swapped out for a refurb.

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