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    I am coming from the 700wx & loving the 800w so far. I am using the following:

    Cody's power tweaks
    Hannips GPS Tool (I hardly use GPS).

    The battery life seems just fine to me but I always make sure i am plugged in if i am in a car or at the office. Overall I would say this morning when completely unplugged I got about 5 hours & it was at 50% with GPS enabled (but not being used).

    Thats better than my 2600 MAH 700wx in terms of battery.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Does turning on RevA = potential problems if your in a non Rev A zone?

    2. How do you know if your in a Rev A zone?

    3. When syncing with Exchange on the 700wx there was a circle on the top of the screen its missing on the 800w, is there a way to get it back?

    4. How do I increase the start menu scroll screen (its too slow when using the Dpad).

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    1. RevA is already turned on out of the box (you don't see the checkmark in that EVDO menu, but it's on).

    2. Knowing the previous answer, one can assume that having RevA enabled should not cause any conflicts with your connection in a non RevA zone. Also I'm not sure how you would determine if you're specifically in a RevA "zone". I'm assuming anywhere you can get EVDO connection it automatically jumps between depending on signal strength.

    3. Unfortunately I have never synced my phone yet (don't use Windows) so I can't answer this question for you.

    4. Start menu scroll speed? I clicked on my start menu and held down on the dpad and it seemed to scroll as fast as (I assume) anyone could want. Perhaps I misunderstood your question?

    Hope that helps! =)

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