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    I received the following today:

    Effective September 1, 2008, Business Connection Personal Edition will be

    If you are still using this wireless email service and would like a
    replacement option, please visit for
    information on Sprint MobileEmail. Or you can visit to learn about mobile email solutions with
    BlackBerry Email and Windows Mobile.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For questions or
    additional information, please dial *2 on your Sprint phone. Thank you for
    your business.

    I personally think they'll add (or could) enterprise to the WinMo mobile mail client before they retire business connection. Then again,they may be killing it for financial reasons. Makes the 800w much less attractive.

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    They announced this well before the 800W and the 800W was never stated to be a supported device for BC.
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    I've heard rumors, but the email is I've seen of what I would consider an announcement. Has there been a press release on the subject that I missed?

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    They sent a notice to current users a while back - at least I had notice of it. Phone reps also had mentioned it a while ago.
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    Are there any apps or combination of apps in WM that can replace the functionality of BC getting email from my corporate email system via a relay on my corporate laptop? I cannot access the corporate email directly with the phone.

    I have been running BC for years on a Treo 700p and was thinking this might be the excuse to move over to a WM based device. Can likely push Sprint for a hefty discount or free software to make it work if a solution exists.
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    Sprint BC was made by Seven. You could join the Seven beta rogram and use their newer version.

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