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    I am having trouble getting BT to connect to my audi, and I believe this BT voice command is the culprit since it was working perfectly before it. However, the update isn't showing up in the "Remove Programs" section of settings and I'm not sure where to look for it to delete. I'd rather try to remove it before I have to do a hard reset if possible
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    The cab is set as uninstallable. The files it installs are:


    They are all installed in \Windows. The cab doesn't show any registry changes, but there is a setup.dll that could do most anything. You could try deleting these files using Resco Explorer. Several of these files were written over the ROM files so it will give you all kinds of warnings that you'll have to confirm. Delete and soft reset and hope for the best.

    Backup first!
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    I appreciate your reply! Well, turns out some BMW folks were having this issue and someone posted a program callet JETware that adds some BT control features such as selective phonebook transfer, etc. Looks like this has solved my connection issues and I will be keeping the voice command for the time being as long as I don't run into the problems. Thanks for taking the time to help me though!

    FYI, here is the link to JETware software...
    Current: Pre
    SERO plan 500

    Former: 800w, 755p, 700p, 650p
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    hehe, I just suggested that to someone else yesterday.

    Glad you have it working.

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