This happened to me once before and I had to delete the mail account and re-create it to be able to fix it.

I have my POP mail account set to send/receive via the powervision internet connection as normal.

When connected to the PC, I am unable to send/ receive mail.

If I accidentally press send/recieve while connetced to the PC, I am unable to connect and send/recieve mail once I disconnect from the PC. I get a message that says, "Cannot Connect with curren connection settings. TO change your setting tap settings". I have verified that all the settings are normal. BTW - IE does not connect either, but Business Connect does still work.

This is a real PITA. I have tried soft reboots. As I said, last time the only way I could get it working abgain was to delete the POP account and re-create it. What a hassle.