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    Just like some of the other threads said, $199 out the door (+$18 activation fee) with NO MAIL IN REBATES!!! I first saw $199 on best buy's website but the site wouldn't let me keep my plan and make no other changes. I called and they said I had to do a $30/month data plan for 6 months or NO DEAL. And they were from India could barely understand them.

    So I go to the store, $199 out the door with no hassel about any additional plan features etc etc. And the 30-day money back gaurantee. Can't beat that! I had a 755p my contract was up so I did have to sign a new 2 year deal but, we have 2 other lines that are under contract so no biggie....
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    Ya its ok, I got mine for $99 with instant rebates and 20% off my voice plan....

    In google type "Treo 800w deal" and its one of the first links that come up, too bad the deal ended 7/31

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    I searched but didnt see it. Well, if I can find it cheaper someone just let me know and I can take this back!!! :P
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    The page is gone... here is a copy of the text...

    Got another promotion forwarded to me for Sprint thru my company. Deals below again are for NEW LINES only and activation fees apply. This deal is only available by calling 877.263.5720 and asking for the "RX Promo". I'm pretty sure Sprint requires utilizing one of the Everything Plans or shared plans with data.

    Palm Treo 800w
    $99.99 + tax - Out of pocket (No Rebate Required)

    Samsung ACE
    $0.99 + tax - Out of pocket (No Rebate Required)

    HTC Touch
    $0.99 + tax - Out of pocket- (No Rebate Required)

    HTC PPC Mogul
    $149.99 + tax Out of pocket (No Rebate Required)

    Samsung Instinct
    $0.99 + tax - Out of pocket (No Rebate Required)

    This is a Sprint dealer handling my company's phones and not Sprint's telesales call center. The email flyer I got says the deal ends on 7/31/08

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