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    Branching off from the slingbox problem thread, I would like to know what you use to stream to the Treo.

    So far it seems that we have Slingbox, Hava, and Orb with a Tv Tuner.

    Slingbox mobile does not work well with the Treo, and I just heard of Hava today thanks to Texdoctor. Orb I recently found to stream music to my phone, but I have a 8gb card now.

    So, what do the you guys use and what do you recommend?

    Also, for the Hava users, would you be able to give some insight as actual owners? I read their website and some reviews, but they all seem to be from 2006 and early 2007.
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    If you are talking specifically for TV I still use Slingbox, but if Sling Media doesn't have a fix for their player in a month or so I'm looking elsewhere.
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    Orb works well with my 800w.
  4. #4 Its free, works with xp media center or vista. Not nearly as bloated as ORB.
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