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    Thankfully the 800w and my Audi A6 are playing together very nicely, maybe too nicely. I notice that all my contacts will now sync to my Audi, whereas the 700wx only synced the speed dials.

    Now, although this is great, the bad thing is that I have so many contacts that the sync only goes up to D and then ends I was taking a look at any way to flag a contact so as not to sync it under bluetooth, but so far no luck. Surely there is a way to tell the phone which contacts you want to sync so that there is a much more manageable list of contacts in the cars phone book.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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    Are you familiar with JETWare's Handsfree extension for windows mobile?

    Haven't tried it with the 800w, but might be worth a shot.
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    No, I will have to take a look at that. Just surprised that the 800w doesn't come with a way of filtering what contacts you want to sync to the car.

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