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    I have had loads of issues with the refurbs from verizon in the last two weeks. I have gone through 5 of them & each refurb has an issue (broken "A" key, broken "P" key, etc).

    I am not sure who does the Verizon refurb QA but its like Peter Griffen sleeping at the toy factory (if you watch family guy).

    Anyway after loads of issues, they offered a free 700wx. They then said they dont have any (I assume clearing stock for the 800w) brand new units (not sure how they are still selling them online).

    The level 3 tech I spoke too offered to get me any of the WM smartphones (he said the 6800 was much better than the 6900). I am a keyboard type of person myself so I think the 6900 is out (for me).

    He was raving about how good it is. I think thats the Mogul which i have heard very mixed reviews.

    Anyway, he said he can get me it for free & brand new. It will reset my NE2 but it wont extend my contract.

    On a side note I have an 800w with Sprint I am trying (trying the service, the phone is excellent).

    I was looking at this from a slight resale value expecting to leave VZW. If I can get a brand new phone & resell it on ebay as I leave for Sprint, that might be helpful. However, if I find that sprint service isnt good in the areas I travel then wasting the NE2 will cost me 750 for the 800w when it comes out (I did pay out of my NE2 650 for the 700wx).

    So, what do I do:

    1. Hang on to my "7" less 700wx with the broken key
    2. Get another new 700wx if they ever come back in stock
    3. Get the free 6800wx & dump it on ebay running to sprint (depends on service).

    If I pick 3, then stay with VZW, its going to be expensive.

    Any thoughts?


    EDIT: A friend of mine gave me a free 6700 that my wife is currently using. I find it slow compared to the 700wx. I also dont love the form factor but I am sure I could get used to it.
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    I would wait for the 822 from Verizon if it were me unless you like the service from Sprint so much and their data plans are much less expensive than Verizon.

    Let us know what you decide. I have the 700wx now and will upgrade to the 800 if and when Verizon gets it.
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    Sorry, 800; old eyes and black on black keyboard.
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    Dump Verizon for Sprint. Don't look back.
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    i agree with Ebag333 verizon is too costly, and remember we roam on verizon anyway, lol.
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    Well, I am definately checking out Sprints network. Right now with VZW, we pay $185 per month which includes a 21% discount from my wifes business (2 data plans & shared 2100 minutes).

    The Sprint 1500 shared plan is $100 after discount for shared minutes & 2 data plans. The 3000 minute plan is $130 after discounts. VZW said my $20 monthly data plan will not transfer to a new phone (most likely). This is the PDATP plan (I might be messing up the name).

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    i have the 1500 minute shared plan with a 23% discount and after i switch to my new job on monday that'll be a 25% discount! lol, so yes check your options
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    While I don't pay nearly that much (thanks to a retentions plan), it's hard to beat $100 for Sprint's 1500 shared plan.

    Real hard.
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    Here is the question, I am pretty happy with Sprint service & I am thinking i will make the switch. Since they are offering any new PDA type phone, what is better for resale value?

    The 6800, 6900, or the Samsung i760?

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    I switched to the 1500 minute Sprint shared plan. Approx $130 after taxes and everything.

    The allure of having a single plan instead of dealing with calling them up every few months to ask for credits because they removed a code that's years and years past when it should have been added (plus a few extra features) was worth it compared to the ~$10 more I would be spending.

    Guess I'm one of the customers Sprint was targetting with their Simply Everything plans.

    As for which phone to idea. Sorry.
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    i am thinking the touch might be the way to go. If I ended up keeping it, I guess i could use it as a GPS (I think it has one) and a wifi / email web device for around the house.

    The 6800 is not interesting to me due to the lack of memory & the Samsung is another slider. I am more & more convinced that sprint is for me.
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    The touch seems very popular, so no doubt you could resell it rather quickly if need be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    I am more & more convinced that sprint is for me.
    sprint has its good and it bad points... i have been with sprint for about 12 years so i have a pretty good feel for this...

    first the bad..

    ever since the nextel merger sprint has had an identity crisis. this has caused many billing errors and fights about which technology to use.

    on one hand nextel clearly has the better push to talk technology so i understand staying with nextel on that.

    on the other hand sprint clearly has the better billing system that is customer friendly and easier to understand. for the life of me i cant figure why the switch to nextel's billing which doesnt differentiate between anytime minutes and night and weekend minutes.

    now the good...

    rev. A internet is still the speed champ in the US market.

    $99.99 for unlimited everything is a big plus over the ala carte plans other providers offer.

    because sprint/nextel is a schizophrenic company and is bleeding customers to the tune of 700,000 in the last quarter of 2008 existing customer get many freebies when there is an issue that they have caused. an example of that is that my plan is an older 200 anytime minute plan that used to have data and text included (price $ 85 per month). after a few issues that have cropped up since the merger sprint has now restored my data and text plan to the way it used to be free, and i also have nights and weekends @ 7pm for free. it seems that the slightest indication that you arent satisfied with the way you have been treated gets you a transfer to retentions. the folks at retentions have the ability to "tweak" your plan and give you big perks and discounts... to sum it up... i pay after taxes and corp. discount $75 a month for 2000 anytime minutes / free data and sms / nights and weekends starting at 7pm and insurance coverage for 2 treo 700wx phones...

    so the choice for me is clear... even though sprint isnt perfect they offer the best bang for the buck

    btw... with the HTC diamond and touch pro coming in the next few weeks or months there is another reason to give sprint a chance (especially if you are in a good coverage area)

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