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    I have a user who has a Treo 700wx.

    He uses Goldmine, Companion Link, Activesync.

    Activesync on the PC is only set to sync Companion Link Contacts and Tasks.

    Activesync on the Treo is setup to point to our mail server and sync only emails wirelessly.

    Before the change of Office 2007 and the newly required version of Companion Link for Office 2007 everything worked fine.

    Now when he syncs to the computer using Activesync and Companion Link it stops the Wireless Emails from coming in.

    If he pulls the battery or does a Soft Reset on the phone it will start receiving emails wirelessly again.

    I did a Hard Reset on the phone, and deleted the mobile device on the computer. Unfortunately that did not fix the problem.

    Any ideas?
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