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    I can't believe tha te ALT key on the Treo800 dosnt have a definiton. I can't make PQZII work with it.

    I know that many treo 700/750 users used this app to its fullest.

    I for one, was the first thing I intalled. I jut can't live with scrolling with all the apps.

    I need this!!

    If anyone has found a way to get this app to work with the TRE800, with the key being the ALT key, let me know Please.
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    haven't found a way yet. Others just use another button, but even then if you use the alt symbols it will hang your device.
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    I use the Windows menu key. It took me a few days to adjust, but now it's just more intuitive. The Menu key is wasted IMO, and I mapped Menu-Soft Key 1 to bring up the Start menu, so I haven't lost any functionality.
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    I wonder if you can map the start menu as Ctrl-Windows key then you could just hit it twice to get the start menu.
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    Thanx for the replies guys/girls?.

    I went ahead and mapped the ctrl key to the side button. The definiton I got for it was 0xC7 , so I haven't lost any function button which is great, and I can still hold the button to bring up whatever app is assigned to it which is a plus!

    I still hope that it would be Alt key instead. It was failry easy for me to use the 700wx. I would switch between apps with Alt/Ctrl + N, and close apps with Alt/Ctrl + M.

    Very nice setup I used to have, guess this is going to take some getting used to.

    But all in all, Im sure something will come to fix this Alt issue.
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    yeah, it was a major bummer for me too. Made perfect sense to use the alt key. Only problem with using the side button is that it isn't one thumb operation.
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    Yes, I cant see how I'm going to use this app anymore.

    I would like to map it to something else, because driving + that side button isnt a very good idea.

    Wish this can be fixed soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    I wonder if you can map the start menu as Ctrl-Windows key then you could just hit it twice to get the start menu.
    I didn't realize this before today, but it turns out you can do exactly that:

    APP1 = windows start key on 800w
    APP2 = OK key on 800w
    BAR1 = left softkey on 800w
    BAR2 = right softkey on 800w

    So make your CTRL key APP1 and on the <system> tab make the start menu APP1 and there you have it...
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    Just found out that ALT key = 0xED

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