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    I don't like the change in WM6 with the "new" and "delete" key. I send a lot of short emails during the day and now have more steps.
    Anyone find a solution to maybe reverse the keys?

    I read about a small program called "WM5 New Menu" that may be a workaround, but I have not tried it yet.
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    I felt that way at first, but have since gotten used to it. Not worth the hassle for me to look for a workaround.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1sturbdapeace View Post
    I felt that way at first, but have since gotten used to it. Not worth the hassle for me to look for a workaround.
    I've been running WM6 for a couple of months now and I'm still not used to the change but I don't consider it to be a problem.

    I've not tried the workaround mentioned above.
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    I actually like the change. I've gotten used to it and it makes sense. You typically delete emails more frequently than you compose new ones.
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    Doesn't totally answer the OPs question, but offers a nice of I'm sure many out there.

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    I still don't like the new layout of the Delete / New key in email, at least for me as I send a lot of short emails during the day. To me it is not even consistant, in email, the delete key is the left soft key, with new behind the right menu key. In text messaging, the new key is the left soft key with the delete key behind the menu key. The "H" key in email brings up a menu of one-touch key commands, pretty nice but no "new mail" key. Doesn't seem very well thought out, would have been nice if these changes were user options, depending on if the user deletes or sends more emails. I did find some workarounds.
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    This change makes the 800W more productive for me.
    Fix #1 - I don't use my calendar key very much so it can be programmed to go directly to new mail, this worked nicely because you could go to the new mail message from browsing the internet, send a quick email, hit send and you were back on the IE screen. You don't need to open the inbox first and no other software needed.

    Fix #2 - Using AE Button Plus, I programmed the message key to go to new mail message using 2 key presses and a long key press, so no matter how I press the button, I end up on the new mail screen. I also used keypress timeout of 300ms in the options menu. I am using this 2nd option.
    Also made a long keypress of the windows key for internet explorer.

    Run the Tmail.exe file in the windows folder with these command line arguments, then create shortcut.
    -service "ActiveSync" -to ""
    (needs to be typed exactly as shown, "ActiveSync" is case sensitive)

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