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    I didnt mean anyone who uses it like a ipod is crazy just after using a treo/centro for years you realize that these "Phones" are what they are and they are "Phones" in the end that have some added abilities. Ofcourse they market it as "GPS, Music , TV" etc but it not meant to watch a 3 hour ball game on Slingplayer ( I have also watched a few Yankee games on my Centro so we all do it ). If you were buying a device to wAtch slingplayer , catch movies , listen to music all day, surf the web for hours at a time a laptop would be a better investment . Again I know its marketed as such but you got to be realistic . these are small devices. The intention isnt to use them like a home pc. the batterys are tiny. I have friends who have the ipod and instinct and hear the same complaints "Battery Life". I guess us 800 users whould be happy , atleast we can carry extra batterys.

    I tried flexmail and I thought the built in was better. With snapper and chatter you could delete emails off the server indivudually, check all email accounts at once. email did not leave the device when it was opened on the home pc. I sometimes leave emails on my mobile and as soon as I recheck email it will be gone if I checked the email at home. Theres nothing for WM that competes with snapper/chatter etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post

    If you're crazy like me and DO want to watch the Met game over Slingbox on your Treo, you can easily pack an extra battery or two and make it through any day.

    As for email apps, have you tried FlexMail? I think that more than equals SnapperMail, but I'm happy with PO in WM 6.1 so I never even installed FM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    Yes and yes...
    Do you have some sort of information of Seidio issuing an extended battery? I hadn't heard. I'm really curious if they will offer one that still fits into the current compartment, without the humpbacked door.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigchris View Post
    To me, This is the best Treo I've owned !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by samadam View Post
    My experiment with push email is what killed the battery. Ever since I went back to pull email my battery life has been pretty good. That's low-talking, high-data usage, mind you.
    Odd. I use push with mail2web's Exchange service, and it seems easier on the battery than pulling. Maybe if one set the client to pull every couple of hours then it would help, but then is that really useful?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kirvin View Post
    Why do you think extended batteries for the HTC devices won't add size? Other than the slimline batteries that only added a little bit of power, the extended batteries for other HTC devices always came with a hump and battery door.

    Also, in point of fact, the Sprint version of the Diamond is 3mm thicker than the European version and only 4mm thinner than the brickish Touch Pro.
    No sense responding to nsxprime. He's hated on this device from practically day one. If the 800w ran for a week without a charge, sounded like the person was standing next to you when talking with them, and cooked your dinner for you he would find something to diss the device about.
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    Almost regretfully, I did return my 800w today and am back to using the 755p. I say regretfully because I was begining to get used to it. However, when I seriously analyzed the pro's and con's, the only Pro's I really had was the size and the ability to have background tasks running.

    My major issue was the screen, it just wasn't as bright and vibrant as I wanted/needed it to be.

    Battery life, even though it seems to have improved (somewhat) either based on conditioning, or the tweaks I learned about in this forum, is still very discouraging.

    Ringer volume was much lower in some instances than the 755p and I really couldn't want to wait for something like Volumecare to show up.

    Another issue that really annoyed me was how some apps just had to use extremely small font's & icons.. This was particularly annoying when there was so much real estate on the screen to use and the ok button (as an example) was the size of a large pin head.

    After that it was just the minor frustrations I had.. No screen protector provided, a very flismy stylus, I could never get the battery to achieve more than a 96% charge, no LED alerts, BTW... Thanks to Hannip for fixing that with TreoAlerts, a fantastic utility!! and some other very minor issues that when all things were considered, I just couldn't justify the cost if all I got out of it was an almost perfectly sized smart phone.

    So with all that said, my decision was to return it. Maybe I'll try a Blackberry Curve, or maybe I'll wait for the HTC to be released. Or maybe I'll eventually decide to tough it out with the "deficiencies" of the 800w. In any case, I'll continue to wish I had a smaller Smart Phone...
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    Battery battery...
    I charged my phone 4 times today after leaving the house (although not fully) and it still died before I got back home. My 755p used to be about 60% left on a similar day and I not once was even concerned about battery life.
    This performance from the 800w with wifi turned off, GPS to only 911, BT turned off, god knows what else I have off. So why an 800w, if it has all the goodies you want but cannot even turn on anything? This is very disturbing.
    I think I will go back to my old one. I have already paid for and purchased several WM software also. And paid 50$ for style tap.
    It is just not a practical Treo and ..... am very sad. Am going back and forth in my mind whether to dich this sweet chick or keep her.
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    I'm very happy with my treo. Battery seems to be running fine not the best but tolerable....But i was still thinking of returning mine and getting a new...but then I was like what if I get a dud....
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    i agree with a few of the posts above im getting rid of mine. I really wanted it to work for me because i love having a hard keyboard again coming from a Touch. But there were a few huge problems:

    1. Battery- horrible, just horrible. The Touch and the 800 have similar mah batteries and my Touch lasts all day never an issue. The 800 can barely get through half a day not even using WIFI or stuff the Touch doesnt have. I was using google maps while driving for maybe 20 min total with gps and was down to 60%. something is wrong with these batteries or something like gps isnt completely shutting off because the drain is enormous compared to similar other WM devices with similar features and exactly the same programs loaded. Im a very light user, im only on SERO 500 and use very few minutes (about half of my allotment), send maybe 300 texts a month, casual data and email. I dont even spend all day on the device surfing or what not and the 800 cant get through half a day. thats a major problem

    2. Volume- unacceptable call volume. Its WAY too low and im young (in my 20's) and have good hearing. I can put my touch on the 3rd notch up and its plenty loud, the 800 on the next to highest volume is unusably low, and the highest would be ok but its completely muffled and distorted. You cant hear anyone and this is of course a phone first. Palm NEEDS to address this asap.

    3. the screen is great resolution and clarity, but the brightness sucks. Even at the highest brightness its still dim and washed out compared to the Touch's screen which is far from great as is. Keeping it at the highest brightness also kills the battery but its the only way the screen is usable in any kind of daylight even indoors.

    Like i said other than those 3 major issues the phone is great, great size, speedy, great features. But Palm really missed the ball on this one with these huge issues people are having with the battery life and such. Call volume/muffled is prob the second biggest issue Ive seen. Those 2 things should be ESSENTIAL things of a phone before all the Palm tweaks and doo-dads they stuck on the phone. The functionality is just lacking on this thing as a mobile phone when it comes down to it.

    I think Palm will sell a few of these but with the Diamond/Pro coming out they better fix the issues or theyre going to lose those sales to HTC and people are going to dump their 800's for Pro's if Palm doesnt fix some huge issues people are having
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    I am returning my 800w and I have gone back to my 755p. After using the 800w for about 2 weeks it all of a sudden started to malfunction, could not get a response from any of the buttons on the phone. Needless to say that was the last straw. I took the phone to the Sprint store and they did a hard reset and it still would not work, simply unacceptable for a new phone. I had the rep at the Sprint store switch my number back to my 755p and I am back in business. Although the POS is dated it is much easier to navigate than WM and I can once again go a full work day without having to monitor battery life.
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    i could get over all the other things like battery if the earpiece was decent but i think the voice quality just simply sucks. The volume is way too low even at the highest setting and everything is muffled. seeing as this is a phone first, thats a huge issue. i really do want to keep it i tried the audiosettings tweak and its a tiny bit louder but distorted/muffled still
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    Well i pulled the trigger and returned it. I have the following to say:

    The 800w is awesome. Anyone who wants it should get it. The battery or anything else was not an issue for me. I just felt I had to see what this diamond is all about and how much better the screen is and using the accelerometer. I will let you know guys know what I think. I will sell it and go back to the 800w if it isn't as good.

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    I am scared. I bought my new 800w on ebay. It is suppose to be here next week.

    I am looking forward to sell my Mogul.

    But I only want to stay with WM and not Palm or BB OS or Mac OS. So I guess I will have to stick with 800w no matter what.
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    My only regret is, I wish I got it sooner. Actually, just wishing that Sling Media would get off their arse and make a 320x320 mobile player.

    The things I love...
    1. Form factor
    2. LOTS of user memory. With my 700wx, I was very limited to the apps I can install, even with a 4Gb SD card. With my 800w, I keep thinking, "What else can I install".
    3. Stubby antenna GONE
    4. GPS. Although I don't like the aGPS. Just need to make sure I carry my BT GPS receiver if I ever travel to in the deep Amazon jungle.
    5. Wi-Fi.
    6. No WIRES - Besides charging, I don't use any wires for syncing or transfer files.

    1. Battery (Of course). Though having 2 batteries helps. I also plan to buy one of those devices I can charge an extra battery. That way, I can always keep a battery plugged and charging in my car and also at home.
    2. Would have preferred a 240x320 screen
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    its going to be interesting to see what the touch diamond brings to the table. until there is a head to head comparison of the treo 800w and the diamond I think a lot of people are going to be on the fence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kangolslimm View Post
    its going to be interesting to see what the touch diamond brings to the table. until there is a head to head comparison of the treo 800w and the diamond I think a lot of people are going to be on the fence.
    I don't see how the treo and diamond are the same... diamond is going to be a great device for sure, but the keyboard on the treo wins me over...
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    I'm honestly on the fence about keeping mine and yes the battery is an issue but everything else seems great..except- I know it's stupid but I hate the blue color and the plastic feel of the device. I came from the 700wx and to me it looked and felt better. Still trying to decide what to do.
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    One thing i noticed and maybe im wrong but most people who return are going back to 755P or 700wx or mogul etc and I dont see folks going back to the Centro. Atleast I havent noticed that. if anyone went back to the Centro would love to hear why. I will assume becasue the 800W is much like the centro and does everything the Centro does and better OR/AND the battery on the Centro is just as bad so the battery issue does not come into play as with the 700P or 700WX the battery is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinbi View Post
    I as a 800 waiting vzw client am just curious (and jealous;-) about your impressions on this. I have kept up on all the threads but let me ask the hard questions:

    The battery issue seems to be the most critical one (whether you can use it with standalone gps or A gps not so important to me, and also seems like a mistake in the their marketing). The screen issue vs. SW seems to be a no brainer, newer SW will come out over time. Stability sounds OK. But it seems a fair amount of people here have had to return the phone as it just seems to crap out. Sounds like Sprint had no problems just getting you a new one. Form factor is older, but truthfully, when I got my 650, what I was dreaming of was the form factor of the 800! As others have said, Treos just fit in the hand really nicely!

    So, was the wait worth it? Are you planning on keeping it? or does it seem like the Touch Pro coming out in month is a better phone?
    I returned my unit on Friday, I ordered three of them, one for myself, son and spouse, My wife did not even open hers up, I used mine for 27 days or so. So I returned two; my son replaced his Touch and I am back to the Motorola Q9c which is to me more user friendly, Did not need the wifi and do not need the GPS, I like the GPS units around 150-200 dollars work fine. I wish Palm were able to release a flagship product but I think that the Google Phone may run Palm programs; if Access gives permission then what is Palm offering with their Nova System or OSII, a little late, why could not Palm given us a flat touch screen with the 800w? Even one of the Sprint Store Reps said the Palm is a step backwards!! lol

    Just reading the posts; I did not like the volume (too low) I had to put on the speaker phone and hold it to my ear. I don't have to do that with the Motorola Q9c; my young 16 year old son said the same thing!! (though he did not put it on speaker phone and hold it to his ear) maybe they will release Volumne control for Windows; One last year is the alarm that ships with Windows Mobile 6.1 professional is terrible but the one with smartphone 6.1 is very usable. Where is quality control on Palm (where is Jon R. input)?
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    Well, I am getting closer and closer, its getting tighter and tighter. Aug 11th, tomoro will be my make or break day. I am, presently leaning toards my 755p.
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    Returned mine today. 800w was great, but I like to refresh my gadgets often. Since the HTC PRO is comming out Oct or Nov, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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    Im confused, is there another front keyboard treo form factor phone coming out? Isnt the diamond pro a slider?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    Im confused, is there another front keyboard treo form factor phone coming out? Isnt the diamond pro a slider?
    The Diamond's HTC.
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