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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    So is Avaitor or klmsu19 pregnant?
    I fear that uniion.<G>
    "Many men stumble across the truth, but most manage to pick themselves up
    and continue as if nothing had happened."
    - Winston Churchill
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    ok enough joker
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    Quote Originally Posted by klmsu19 View Post
    ok enough joker
    But it was a nice, light hearted moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcartwr View Post
    I fear that uniion.<G>

    Now, whay cant yu all be like this. ??
    Its all fun and learning and getting to know/dislike a ... just a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AS329 View Post
    Maybe I'm just old, or lacking in serious ppc skills, surely I am no expert on WM and don't have a long list of previously owned PPC/Smartphones, but what I do have is this neat little device in which I can:

    GPS my location, get directions to where I'm going if I don't know.
    Listen to all the music I can fit on an 8gb card
    watch TV
    get email
    listen to streaming radio
    play games when I'm bored
    surf the internet
    get current weather conditions and check traffic cameras on my drive to work (thanks weatherpanel)
    take pictures and video
    hold contact information for hundreds of people (and then map their address if needed)
    maintain a calendar

    and oh yeah, make phone calls by touching a button in my ear and telling it to call....

    I don't know about many others, but when I was a kid, we all dreamed about having this type of power, but I don't think I ever imagined I'd have it all in one device. To get all of this, I have to be willing to learn a little (which thanks to this forum has been relatively easy), have a little patience and put in a little effort. I haven't paid for one app and once Sprint applies all the discounts, I paid a relatively small sum for this phone. And at night, I have to plug it in to recharge so it can do it all again tomorrow.

    I do not expect this thing to replace my laptop, wifi network, 50 inch plasma TV, home theater system, or even my home phone.

    I am not trying to bash anyone who has had problems with there phone -I am a firm believer in the maxim you should get what you pay for and think businesses should be accountable for their products. If your phone is broken, get a new one. If this doesn't do what you want, there are dozens of other options. Just not too sure why this has to turn into arguments. We are, after all, only talking about a phone (which does many other amazing things) that 95% of the world's population can't even afford much less use (a little perspective every now and then can calm many a nerve). Again, maybe it's because I'm old (38), but I think this thing is pretty cool and frankly feel lucky I live in a time that I can have all this fit on my belt and weigh so little I forget it's there.

    So back to topic, I'm one who is keeping the phone.

    Great post... so much truth there....
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    I am enjoying it. I had a problem yesterday with no email received for 6 hours using FlexMail. I could not find the change made, so at the end of the day, I copied a few files over, executed a hard reset, restored from 3 days ago and then copied the files back. It worked and today's email on 2 IMAP accounts has flowed fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackG058 View Post
    But it was a nice, light hearted moment.
    it is all just fun here of course, but you cant get done saying how i have to "reflect a little maturity here" the post before defending some jerk whos lame enough to blog about what someone says about them as some kind of comeback, and then expect me to laugh at a joke...

    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post

    Great post... so much truth there....
    it was a good post. People get SO defensive if you say one bad thing about what phone they use like youre personally insulting them damaging their phone's reputation. Its a phone people! seriously who cares if i hypothetically said i wipe my **** with the treo or i hate it or Palm, honestly so what?!? how does that personal determent your real life? some people here REALLY need to put things in perspective and stop being so defensive over molded plastic and wires. People will NEVER 100% agree on any one thing so get over being so defensive. Last time i checked everyone who had one and returned it, since the thread is called 'any regrets and returning it", has a right to say why they do OR dont like it. Its not like these people are in a "what do you like about the 800" thread crapping it. This thread IS the place where youll find complaints, if you dont like that then simply dont read here.
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    I'm offended you wipe your **** with the Treo and now I will have to blog about it.

    Dear Blog,

    I am bored. I was offended on TC today by klmsu19. He said my phone is only good for wiping ***. This phone is such apart of my life and he dissed it. So I write this and ask "was I wrong to be offended?", "I have a God complex so I must condemn him and only hope the Treo gets stuck in his ***.". That is all for today until someone else makes me cry.

    Sincerly yours,

    You see, just playing around but again I'm sure there will be complaints about it.

    Oh, just so I'm not way off topic. Yes I have regrets about purchasing the 800 and no I am not keeping it. When Palm can get it together and fix the issues then I may reconsider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klmsu19 View Post
    People get SO defensive if you say one bad thing about what phone they use like youre personally insulting them damaging their phone's reputation....
    Actually, that was never the problem. No one here has said (paraphrasing) that the 800w is a "flawless wonder of technology", nor have they been offended by criticism of it and yes, there are legitimate problems with it. You are redirecting the what the complaint was, which is obvious: the same 3 or 4 people keep posting the same thing in many threads, trolling for fights.

    Just look at VibrantRedGT's post above mine. That is not some innocent, legitimate critique of the 800w--it's flaming and baiting with a rider at the end to "keep on topic". He, nxsprime and slingbox (who never even bought one) have been doing this now for weeks. Vibrant returned his 800w awhile ago for a BB and yet still posts his "opinion" on the device. He's not saying anything new though, just regurgitating.

    Simply put, if you don't actually own the device but trash talk it every chance you get, over and over, it becomes annoying--you don't see me hanging out in BlackBerry forums telling them how lame and weak BB is (and if I did, would that not be trolling?). That's what people a few of us are reacting to. It doesn't add anything new to the discussion.

    This thread is so OT is should be closed ASAP.


    I'm simply adding VibrantRed, Slingbox and yourself to my ignore list. I highly recommend you reciprocate.
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    Amen. Close this thread. It's gotten too ugly.
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    I agree with malatesta that this thread needs to be locked down. This was once a decent discussion detailing the reasoning different individuals had as to why they were keeping or returning it. I was one of the users who returned the 800W and put forth my reasons and logic, but now I'm actually reconsidering my decision. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the thread anymore...
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    Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

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    I want to keep the phone. I really do, but the myriad of problems that I consider serious keep me from saying I will for sure. Just for information I've add one work related program that is a must have and I've done no hacks whatsoever.

    The serious problems for me are:

    1) Calls occasionally not ringing and going direct to VM. This is my only phone and I use it for business. I CAN'T miss calls like this.

    2) Alarms in the included alarm program notifying me hours after they are scheduled. I use the phone as an alarm to wake me up and to remind me to not forget to do something. If it is hours late it does me little good.

    3) ActiveSync continually disconnecting during a USB session causing me to have to reset the 800 at least once every day.

    4) Calls occasionally muffled in my BT headset.

    Edit: I replaced this unit. New one seems perfect.
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    Maybe this thread needs to be closed but mods need to tell folks who keep posing negative stuff OR positive stuff in threads have nothing to do with the topic to cut it out or your going to have this same outcome in alot of threads. How right it is to see someone post "THE 800W SUCKS" in a thread talking about the Treo 850 Pro and its the same folks who posted the same thing 18 times in 5 other threads. again it would be the same thing if 5 folks were posting ":THE TREO RULES" in threads where it does not fit the topic and worse if these same folks did not even own the device or returned it. Ridiculous. But I will add some of the debate in this thread has been interesting as long as it didnt get personal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    ATT History- From 1997-2001-> Nokia 6362->Motorola StarTac->Nokia 8260.

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    NO! Don't close it!
    I think you guys can still pull it around.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klmsu19 View Post
    People get SO defensive if you say one bad thing about what phone they use like youre personally insulting them damaging their phone's reputation.
    So true and we have seen a lot of that here.
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    I don't think it needs to be closed. Maybe a mod should just delete the offending posts (including mine), and get this thread back on topic. I think this thread is a pretty good's given me (someone who hasn't bought the phone yet) a lot of information.
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    For those who find the battery to be less than what they need, here are some good tips from Palm on battery management:

    From a personal perspective I would reiterate that turning off IR when not needed is a huge bonus in battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackG058 View Post
    For those who find the battery to be less than what they need, here are some good tips from Palm on battery management:

    From a personal perspective I would reiterate that turning off IR when not needed is a huge bonus in battery life.
    And I can't stress enough to check your email settings (see the "yet another battery thread") if you haven't already. I'm consistently getting 8 hours of use with 65% power left since making that one change.

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