Have had the 800w for about 4 days now and am fairly impressed. I do have an issue/question regarding POP3 accounts and notifications. I'm coming from a Tre 650 where I used Versamail (yeah, I know...) to check a POP3 account every five minutes. The thing I liked about it is that no matter how long I was away from the phone, when I came back to it I would know immediately if I had missed an e-mail.

With Outlook on the 800w, I am finding that it'll notify me when it receives the message, but as soon as it checks again, if it doesn't find any new messages then it clears the notification. I am sort of working around this by using phoneAlarm and having it repeat the e-mail notification several times, but if I am away from the phone for an extended period of time then the notification disappears again.

If I decide to keep the device I'll be switching to a hosted Exchange account and will be using Direct Push, so I imagine the issue would go away then, but it'd be nice if I could get e-mail notifications working the way I want them to with POP3 in the mean time. I've searched high and low in the settings, and through these forums, and have come up empty so far.