Hey Everyone,
I'm trying to setup my email on my Treo 700WX...
I have a Gmail account (account #1), and two school accounts.
The gmail account checks my first school account (account #2), and my 2nd school email account (account #3) is automatically forwarded my Gmail account (account #1). It works really well on gmail.com and is set up with filters and reply to addresses. If someone emails me on account #2, and I click reply, the reply to address will be @account#2.com
This doesn't seem to work on my phone though. It always replies from my Gmail account no matter what. It does put the emails in the correct folders but I can not find a way to specify a reply to address anywhere.
Would anyone be able to help me figure out how to properly set this up?
Also let me know if this is confusing and I can re-write it...

Thanks a lot,