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    The thread name pretty much says it all. I've got triplicates of every contact in my phone, so I wanted to go about deleting the unnecessary copies. However, I do believe that only the later versions of Outlook have a function for doing so, whereas the Outlook 2002 that came with my 700wx doesn't have said function and you have to delete them one by one.

    I'm at work now, so I'm just curious as to whether or not I have a newer version of Outlook at home with the software that came with my 800w or if I need to "find" the latest version of Outlook elsewhere.
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    It has windows mobile 6.1, which should come with the latest version.
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    Outlook for your PC is not included. If you explore the CD that comes with the phone, you'll find a link to a trial version of Office 2007 which includes Outlook. I did not check further to see if the trial installer is actually one the CD or if it is a link to download Office. You can always also go to and click on the Try Office 2007 link to download a trial version as well.

    Most OEMs are not including Outlook with every phone anymore as the only stand-alone versions that were being distributed were Outlook 2002 which likely won't play well with a WinMo 6 phone as it uses Office 2007 file formats. Also, they get to save a ton of of money by not buying everybody an Outlook license.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samadam View Post
    It has windows mobile 6.1, which should come with the latest version.
    In the software manual it states:

    If you don’t have Outlook 2003 or later installed on your computer, insert the
    Getting Started CD for Palm Treo 800w smart device into your computer’s
    CD drive, select Palm® Support Center, and then select Microsoft®
    Outlook® 2007 (60-day trial) to download a trial version of this software.

    I already have Outlook 07... but does the treo contain a full version of outlook 07 or just the trial version?

    OP... be careful with how you "find" outlook 07... find and purchase are two different things. Although, if you have an exchange account it comes with outlook 07... and I'm sure there are other ways of getting outlook 07 legally.
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