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    OK. This is a wierd one!

    Ever since I did a hard reset or so it seems... I've been seeing that there is an empty text message as though it's been send from my wife's phone. It DOES NOT alert me that it came in. When I open my messaging app, it's just sitting there in the inbox with nothing (no text), just showing as though it came from her. When I go to delete it... It gives me this message: "Delete all messages contained in this cenversation? This cannot be undone." I click "yes". It shows as being deleted and then when I do a soft reset & open messaging again, walla! It's back!

    What is going on?

    Thanks in advance for any help...
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    Try a program like "PMclean" or "ClearTemp"
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    Tried the PM clean but after I did my initial clean, It said that there were still files left over. So I did it again to no better reult. It would just leave the files...
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    I would say hard reset again, and you can't restore a backup because the errant message may be contained in a backup file. I did a hard reset the day I got my phone (since the best buy folks activated it and monkeyed around with it - I like the out of box experience), and my text inbox shows (0/0) at the moment.
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    Mine just started doing the same thing...The only way I've been able to work around it is to disable threaded txt... Have NO clue what caused a new one comin in the mail..

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