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    I've got a new Moto H680 BT headset.

    I paired it with my Treo 800w and there was much static.

    Then I paired it with my BB 8310 and it sounded good.

    I've had the same static issue with my first Treo 800w and with the replacement Treo 800w I use now.

    So I figure there must be something not working well between the Moto H680 and Treo 800w. I had the Treo close to the headset, so I know it's not a distance issue.

    I installed the "Treo 800w Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth" add on before pairing in both my tests with Treo 800w's. I got static even with just trying to talk during calls, I have not even tried using the voice dialing.

    Before I go off hunting for another BT headset to use, I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences or knows a fix?

    All recommendations appreciated.
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    Well tonight, after seeing how dismal a return I would get if I tried to sell the H680 on Ebay, I tried using it with the Treo 800w again and tonight it works well.

    I guess I'll blame the earlier issues on solar flares .
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    OK, now I think the static is related to the BT voice command feature.

    Because if I play around with BT voice command the static comes back.
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    Wifi will also interfere with the BT headset. Was your wifi on during any of this?
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    There's an update to the bluetooth stack on Palm's web site for the 800w which addresses "voice dialing over bluetooth". I don't know if it will fix your problem, but here it is:

    Okay, now that I look more closely at the link you have, I think that it's the same thing, just direct download vs ActiveSync installation. Oh well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cel View Post
    Wifi will also interfere with the BT headset. Was your wifi on during any of this?
    Thank you much Cel!

    I turned off the WiFi and all the static is gone.

    Yesterday the static came back after I started playing with voice command again, which led me to feel it was just a VC issue. WiFi was already on, but not causing problems before I turned on BT VC. But once I stopped using BT voice command the static would not go away. Turned off WiFi and all static is gone.

    A bit of a nit that there is that issue, but there are not many devices out that have all the features the Treo 800w has including WiFi .

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