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    can anyone with bluetooth experience tell me if the new BlueAnt or Jawbone 2 will pair with my new Treo 800w. Any feedback on either headsets would be great = thanks.
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    Both are great headsets. I prefer the Blue Ant though. It's smaller and can be paired with up to 2 devices. I have the Z9i and it's great except for a bug that caused it to connect and disconnect. I got a copy of a patch that fixed that. The official z9I software update should be coming out soon and you should have no problems. If you're not the tekie type then go with the Jawbone 2.
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    both are top headsets. the thing i dont like about the jawbone series is the nub. if its not always against your skin you lose you microphone. if you have facial hair there can be static if the nub rubs on your cheek which i dont like. im getting a z9i its gotten rave reviews
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    cscott44, how did you get the patch? I tried to call Blueant support with nothing but a answering machine saying they were busy.
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    i heard that the blueant it hard to update? I think i will give the blueant a try thanks for the replys. will report back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickTreo650 View Post
    i heard that the blueant it hard to update? I think i will give the blueant a try thanks for the replys. will report back.
    nah, they fixed the updater. it's a breeze now.

    let me rephrase: blueant at least can be updated--that's a great feature and one reason I would take it over the Jawbone. BlueAnt has been very good with rolling out updates, imo.

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    Anyone know if the voice controls work "out of the box" on a 755p?
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    I dont know if I am helping by adding another option to your choices, but the Joby Visio bluettoh headset is highly rated over at howardforums. I bought one, I've used it and its pretty cool and techie looking with the extending boom. But I've had problems with it... I've had a couple people say that my voice is quite low. I'm not sure if it was just a defective one I received (according to Joby it is), but they are sending me another one in the mail as I type.

    A BIG plus for Joby is that they have GREAT customer Service.

    If you want take a look at
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    I have both headsets, and the Blueant Z9 works a lot better with the 800w than the Jawbone2, especially with Voice Command.

    I have a feeling the 800w has an issue with the Jawbone2 auto volume.
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    make sure if you get the blueant get the z9i not the z9.
    i have both and the z9i's voice isolation technology is way better than the z9.

    the update is not that hard, and if you have any issues you can always call their tech support. i had a prob the first time i tried to upload new firmware and now i can do it like a pro, lol

    there is already a patch out on the blueant site under version 1.1

    as for the 755p. no the voice command dosent work. it only works on the 800w because it has it on the phone. you are thinking of the blueant v1, i would still be suprised if it did work on the 755p, but you can send them an email and they will answer you back.
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    My girlfriend said it was the best sound she has ever heard on her phone when I use the
    Jawbone II.
    Likewise hearing on my end is great.
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    Just don't get the first Jawbone, that one definitely doesn't work. I have it and tried to use it with the 800w to no avail. Contacted Aliph and they said definitely not compatible.
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    I also use the z9i and it is excellent. No problems pairing and the sound quality is great.
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    I use the Jawbone II and have heard people say that it doesn't even sound like I'm using a headset (if I have it positioned correctly).

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