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    I noticed that the 800w handles certain KB combinations differently than the 700wx. This, unfortunately, makes some games impossible to play...

    You can try this combination of keys on the home screen even if you don't play games.

    Press down/left and the "l" key at the same time. On the home screen, this will type "lc" into the search box. Fair enough, the same thing happened on the 700wx's home screen. Annoying, but not troublesome.

    HOWEVER, when playing a game, this combination of keys (which I use often in games, specially emulation), will minimize the app, and will trigger the "up", "down", "left" or "right" key for the next 15-60 seconds. On the 700wx, it would not interrupt game play at all.

    What this means practically is that if you're playing a game where this key combination is required (say a sports game on Morphgear), after you trigger this combination, Morphgear will be minimized, and if you activate it, you'll see your character moving in one direction continuously. The bottom line is that games that require this key combination (or, it appears, other combinations of diagonals + 1 kb button) are not playable on the 800w.

    Has anyone noticed this? Is there a fix for this? I spent a lot of time playing sports games on my 700wx, and this is a significant step back.
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    Check out the thread "gaming on the treo 800w"

    Edit: Just checked that thread... looks like you already have, too! Whoops.
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    I checked that thread, but I thought this could benefit from a separate, easier? fix.

    IMO this bug eliminates virtually the entire SNES library except perhaps platform games and RPGs.

    The simultaneous keypress bug discussed in the gaming thread is more limited in scope. It eliminates SMW and makes some features unavailable, but most games are still playable.
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    I solved this problem partially. If you map the buttons to other keys, the problem is less severe. You might still get a blank screen, but you don't get the "stuck controller" effect as described above. Overall, gaming is doable but still not nearly as elegant as the 700wx. Not to mention the lack of a working GBA emulator.

    If it proves to be good enough, I can *FINALLY* retire the 700wx.
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    Can we say bluetooth controller?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicWill View Post
    Can we say bluetooth controller?
    It would probably work, but at that point, it might be better to just get a PSP when you factor in cost, convenience, and size.

    A BT controller makes more sense on larger-screen devices IMO.
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