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    I picked up a 800w today to see if I want to make the switch from VZW to Sprint. When I was there, the guy who sold me the 800w (for $189) said that with sprint, there is a $50 fee for getting a repair/replacement device.

    With my 700w/wx I probably had 10 or so replacements (due to bad keyboards or some other hardware issue). If that guy is right about the $50 fee, I would have spent $500 dollars on repairs.

    Now something doesnt sound right about the customer paying for a repair (a lost or stolen phone - fine as thats my fault). Is that the case?

    He also said that Best buy insurance is better as they give a brand new phone each time (I sort of call BS on that one).

    On another note, with VZW to get a replacement phone working, I would go to the website, punch in the ESN number, wait 10 minutes, start the new phone, dial *228, then press 1 to provision the phone.

    Pretty easy to do. How do I do the same on Sprint (is it just as simple)?

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    The 50 dollar fee is only if you have insurance and use it. The phone will be replaced for free if the problem is covered under warranty. If it is not (like water damage) then you will pay the 50 dollar fee (only if you have Total Equipment Protection TEP). Depending on stock you may recieve a refurb if you use the insurance.

    When you get a replacement you can switch service to that phone on the phone or on the Sprint website.
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    So its the same thing as Verizon (free broken replacements & activation on website).

    So dont bother with the Best Buy insurance?
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    It is like any other piece of electronic. If there is a defect like the keyboard not working or the screen stops working it will get fixed or replaced for free. If you damage it like dropping it or getting water on you will not get if fixed for free. You can either use TEP through Sprint/Asurion to cover these problems or Best Buy insurance if you bought it through them. TEP covers lost or stolen phones, I am not sure if BB covers this or not.
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    BestBuy's service plan on cell phones does not cover lost or stolen, just hardware replacement. Be careful not to call it insurance, it's just a PRP (performance replacement plan) which covers hardware problems only.
    It's billed at $7/month (if i remember correctly) to a credit card or you can choose to pay it upfront.

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