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    So I had bought my 800w over telesales because for some bizarre reason no sprint store or anyone had the 800w in the West Michigan area until August and maybe not even yet according to what I was told a week or so after release.

    So I bought mine, paid the price and I've been pretty happy. I went to best buy today just to see what accessories they had (looking for a compatible metal stylus) and low and behold the employee asks how much I paid for my Treo. I told him and he said here's our price, no mail-ins, nothing, just a straight up price for a two year contract. It was $186. DAMN I said.

    So I came home and called Sprint customer service and they BAM knocked off the difference in price for me. So I got the nice Best Buy price.


    By the way, anyone know if a metal stylus has been released for the 800?
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    Thanks for the info, Schump! Looks like a win-win situation.
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    Seidio has a metal's supposed to start shipping tomorrow, I think.
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