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    I need to clean up my 800w. The remove programs option seems very unintuitive.

    After uninstalling some programs, they still show up in Programs. How do I get them out of there?

    Also, programs I have uninstalled still show up on the menu control panel where I can check box what items appear when clicking start. Other programs that I have reinstalled have two entries in the start menu picking list.

    I'm trying a lot of programs so it is getting worse and worse.
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    The uninstall should remove the app and shortcuts, but if the shortcut is still there, then you can remove it on your device by going to \Windows\Start Menu

    If you're testing out applications, use Sprite Backup. Perform a backup prior to install the app(s). If you don't like them, perform a hard reset, then restore the one from the previous backup.

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