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    I am trying to sync my Treo800w with my second PC. (The 1st is XP and is syncing OK). The second PC, a laptop w/Vista keeps hanging (after it synced nearly 5000 contacts and a small number of Notes and Tasks), on my calendar (all Outlook 2007) after only 202 events (I have over 9000). For some reason it stops on a recurring event.

    I deleted the recurring event and it just stopped on the next recurring event.
    I deleted the partnership and added it back in again. Syncing OK until the recurring event.

    Is recurring event syncing a problem?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    If a computer crashes in the forest and no one is on-site to download the error log, is the event documentable?
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    Recurring calendar events sync fine on my Treo 800w, using WinXP on 2 PCs.

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