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    Engadget says that the Touch Diamond should be out sometime this month. Since most of us will still be within our 30 day trial period, who else is tempted to switch? TouchFLO 3d is looking pretty nice...
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    I've had a Treo 650 forever, just recently (within last week) got the Treo 800w. I was really eyeing the Diamond or TouchPro. The main concern I have, is all the negative publicity I've read about the 3DFLo software slowing the devices down to a crawl.

    On youtube, there is a video of a guy that times the applications with 3D flo turned on versus with it turned off (i.e., just the normal WM OS). The difference was huge!

    The sex appeal of the diamond and the touch pro in my opinion is the 3D flo software. Outside of that, it is just a sleek WM device. Sooo, compare the diamond (without keyboard) to the treo800w and treo wins hands down. Now the TouchPro on the other hand is going to act like the Mogul (maybe better). If the 3D Flo software dogs it down, then I'm happy staying with the Treo brand (its never failed me yet)....

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    I am on the fense right now. I dropped my phone today so I don't know if I am elgible for my 30 day return since the phone isn't in mint condition now. Nothing wrong just some scuff marks. The diamond looks amazing but I the treo's keyboard is killer...
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    maybe a touch pro but certainly not a diamond..
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    I really thought about waiting for the touch pro, but i guess they have them in the UK and I read some negative reviews on the touch flow. I really liked the idea of the slide out keyboard, but then i got to thinking that it was just one more thing to break, so treo 800w it was.

    I didn't consider the diamond, because i wanted a real keyboard for a change
    Treo 800w - Love the Phone Can Tolerate the Battery
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    I have the GSM Touch Diamond (or rather I bought one for my wife). Its cool, and in the latest ROMs most of the lag is gone, and it works pretty fast. Its also pretty stable. The photo viewer software is simply gorgeous and the whole UI is very polished.

    Its however far from efficient, and the old WM UI with the stylus works faster than using your fingers on the small screen.

    I suggest for people who want to get work done, stick with the Treo 800w.You miss out on the eye candy, but you will work many times faster than a Touch Diamond user.

    Regarding the Touch Pro, I am starting to have concerns than in the effort to make the Touch series more iPhone like, important hardware features like more hardware buttons and scroll wheels have been left off, which impacts usability. My HTC Kaiser/Tilt is a buttonfest, but thats made the device pretty efficient. The Touch Pro, especially with the keyboard closed, may be a less powerful device.

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    Well said Surur.
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    yeah, i was hot for the new touch's for a while, but after having a phone with a touchscreen, i'm more into finding what i need with the minimum amount of presses. between the hardware keys and ultimate launcher, i have everything i need with the treo. i'd love a bigger screen, sure, but the treo gets **** done quick. period. i love this phone and don't think i'll be swayed by the prettys.

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