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    Just wondering if anyone had any opinions of any cases from Seidio.

    I was looking at the Flexarmor case as well as the Innocase Surface with holster. would either cases scratch up a lot if put in a pocket?

    I understand that neither of these are out yet, just wondered if anyone had purchased any other items from Seidio that might be simillar and could let me know their experience before I go out and purchase one.

    Also was going to get a screen protector. I have never purchased one from Seidio before, is the Ultimate Screen Guard decent or would you reccomend something else?

    Thanks, any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    +1 on the question above. The Flex Armor case looks uuuggglly IMO! The innocase looks pretty sleek, but I'm not familiar with their product. In addtion to the question above, what about the screen protectors offered by Seidico? Are these worth the $3 to $4???? If so, do you only get 1 screen protector, or a pack of them?

    Im a military pilot, and typically carry my phone in my flight suit. Not much chance for damage, but there is a slight chance for a scratch on the screen if I accidently throw something else in the pocket on accident.

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    best skins ever? 700 ones rocked...
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    Its a great skin protection wise BUT if you like your devices thin its not the way to go. It says it in its lisiting. Its a thick case . bumps on it to protect. Im sure its terriffic and if you travel alot its a safe way to go BUT for my a pocket user its way to big a case . I ordered the innocase.
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    Im not a big fan of the hard cases. I had one for my 700 and it seemed frail and when dirt got under it it scratched up the phone prtty bad. Ended up doing more damage than protection.
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    I got an email from ZAGG yesteday:

    Thank you for contacting ZAGG, home of the invisibleSHIELD! My name is Jenn and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    In regards to your email, I am very pleased to report that we are currently working on a design for the Palm Treo 800w. This invisibleSHIELD should be available on our website by Aug. 11th 2008.

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.

    Thank you for choosing the invisibleSHIELD. We appreciate your business!

    I'm definitely holding out for that shiat. My brother just got one for his iphone and says it rocks.
    i500 --> 6700 --> 6800 --> 800w
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    The Innocase is extremely durable.. I had one for my mogul and always carried it in my pocket.. the outside rubbery coating never got scratched but what did happen is that dirt and other things would get stuck between the innocase and the mogul itself.. and the fit was really great but the innocase still moved a little which caused the dirt to scratch up the mogul.. i think i got more scratches from this happening than anything else. the mogul was two pieces so it probably had more "play" in it than a normal case... i hope so cos i'll be ordering one for my 800w when the headphone adapter releases so i can save on shipping.
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    any thoughts on the screen protectors? I had one of those bulky aluminum cases for my 650 (with the door). It covered the screen, so I never had the need for a screen protector. Now that I plan on going commando with this phone, I'm wanting to protect the screen.

    Also, anyone ever use the inviseshield?

    I want to keep this phone small, but protect the investment you know...what would you all recommend?


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    Quote Originally Posted by blakeb View Post
    Im not a big fan of the hard cases. I had one for my 700 and it seemed frail and when dirt got under it it scratched up the phone prtty bad. Ended up doing more damage than protection.
    I had the same problem with their clear case for my 700 as well. How will the silicone cases do?

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