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    I'm not sure if this has to do with Opera or maybe it was an issue with my phone...

    A couple days after I got my 800w, I installed Opera Mobile 9.5 in it. I use it and leave it running when I do. I like Opera a lot and it's scrolling/tapping features (whatever it's called)...anyway, whenever Opera loads a page or goes on to the next page, my screen sometimes would get these horizontal colored "static looking" lines, kinda like it's trying to descramble the page...but I thought "hey, maybe it's what it is" would load the page, so I thought nothing of it...and of course whenever I zoom into a page, it would take a few seconds to load, not that much time, but it would have parts of the page blocked out as if loading the rest of that section of the page and then the page would come on...again, nothing unsual...

    Well...that night, I noticed that my screen would come on for no reason when my phone was in my pocket, and I would turn it off, and it would come on again after a little while....I took the battery out and restarted the phone and then it went away....I went to bed and next morning (which was yesterday morning), I started running Opera again, and left it running throughout the day...whenever I click the power button to set the phone to turn off the screen to sleep mode, I noticed that there are very faint vertical lines, as if the screen did not shut off properly (to sleep mode that is), and then occasionally, it would wake up again...and once in awhile, after pressing the power button to sleep, it would wake up right away...or it would delay going to sleep and you can see somewhat like a burn-in image on the screen of the screen and then it would shut off, but then the faint vertical lines would come on after a few seconds...sometimes instead of those faint lines, I would have bright colors lines, like 3 or 4 of them, red, green, blue, something like that...and then I would press power to wake up my phone and then power again to sleep...and the problem started again....

    Now, I'm not saying that this was a problem due to Opera, because I didn't really test that factor out...

    since it also was my day off, and it was screwing up, I didn't want to reset it and not have the problem happening when I take it to the store and for it to act up again later when I get home...I wanted to make sure that if it was a problem with the phone, that I got the phone replaced...well, the guys at Sprint replaced my phone with a brand new one (eventhough I bought mine brand new from some dude on ebay)...they gave me a brand new box of everything and just took the phone back...and I got the rep to let me take the battery from the old phone...

    I haven't reinstalled Opera onto this new phone yet fearing that maybe it was a problem due to Opera...but, again, I never tested to see if it was or not...I never shut Opera off to see if it was still acting up or not cuz it was my only day off and I just want the problem taken cared of...

    In any case, I just wanted to see if anyone who's using Opera Mobile is having the same problem...I know version 9.5 is a beta, so I'm sure there are problems still, but I don't want a software problem to cause a hardware problem...

    a few things I did with the Treo when i first got it...I put a screen protector on it...I bought the screen protector from where you have to apply soapy water to the sticky side, put it on the screen, and push all the water out (kinda like tinting a car)...maybe this affected the screen, maybe some of the water got on the screen, but highly unlikely...but then again, I can't rule that out either...or maybe I just got a bad phone....
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    Well, the Opera behavior from the first paragraph with the lines is entirely normal, don't worry about your screen with that.

    The second paragraph problems I haven't noticed. My battery did drain faster yesterday and I left Opera open though so I'm going to do some testing. I did notice my screen going on randomly yesterday which I hadn't noticed prior.

    I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of it anyways the zoom feature is just too cumbersome the way they implemented it.
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    My 800w does all of those things too. Lets hope there is a software update soon.
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    Mine did that too so I uninstalled it too. I think it's a good browser but I think it is really meant for a touch device. It is not very 5 way nav friendly.
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    I went ahead and installed Opera Mobile on the new 800w unit I got on Saturday. I did a soft reset to get a fresh start. After a little bit, I started noticing my phone lagging and freezing whenever I used other features on the phone. I had to reset it a few I uninstalled it Sunday morning, and it works perfect again...

    I guess I'll wait for a final release for WM6.1 before I install it sad cuz I like it a lot...
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    I'm running opera mobile and love it, and it has been rock stable. I have to agree that I'm not a big fan of the zoom system on anything other than an iphone, the touch screen is just not precise/sensitive enough for it to work pain free.

    I set my preference to use "mobile" mode, and I find it much faster and smoother than IE.
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    i get static lines even with latest beta. i guess 9.5 is out for other platforms. sometimes i get the lag too. i ran opera mini the other day and was AMAZED at how much faster it ran. Opera mini is cool in its own way but the link clicking bothers me.
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    the touch screen function very rarely works for me. I touch & it scrolls, but it doesn't magnify or or to a link in the page when I touch it. is this the same for eveyone?
    also I am new to windows mobile, how do u completely uninstall it? I did it before but found a lot of the application left floating around?
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    I've been having the same problem. I didn't notice this when I first got my phone, but after I installed some apps, it started happening. Unfortunately I didn't notice after which app it started. A soft reset usually cures the problem for a couple minutes, but it comes back eventually. I've installed almost all the apps that I've installed since I got my phone, save for Opera. So I think I'll try uninstalling Opera and see if that affects anything.


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