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    I've downloaded Seven Beta edition and have been trying to connect for the first time for about two days (thought the problems were originally with their server problems but two days is a bit much). I'm getting the message,

    "Connection failed"

    "Mail test failed because the connection to teh specified mail server failed. Check your mailbox settings (3001)"

    Now I KNOW my password and username are correct...what other settings do I need to mess with to get Seven to work or is this still a server side problem?

    Thank you!

    Oh, additional items...I'm on Roadrunner and my password is all lower case (with no additional numbers/symbols) so password problem can be ruled out.
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    try their forum, they are usually quick with their responses during typical business days.
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    I've been having the same problem. Unable to connect for the past couple days. I gave up so i havent tried today.
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    It's not's Seven's bug...
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    Don't know. Seven is working for me. I do notice that at night I set my phone to stop pushing email so that the phone doesn't wake me up. It seems like it freezes and hangs around this time and requires a soft reset with the battery.
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