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    Quote Originally Posted by nburger View Post
    I have to say, I'm not impressed by this dock. I've been using it for a few days, and I'm strongly considering returning it. Summary of issues I have with the innodock:

    - Overall quality. It feels really flimsy. That's not to say it won't hold up, but everything feels slapped together.
    - Weight. It's very light, which I dislike because it makes it difficult to attach/remove the 800w one-handed. (Admittedly this is compounded by the micro-USB.)
    - Form-factor. I realize the dock is designed to accommodates cases, and I'm sure for those with cases it works well. But I don't use a case, so the 800 sits loosely on the dock and wobbles. This also contributes to it being hard to mount on the dock.
    - Lack of other features. The lack of other features (audio port, battery charger, etc) would be minor if the overall quality and functionality were better. But since using the dock isn't any easier for me that plugging in the cable, it's not clear what advantage the dock offers.

    This my first dock for a Treo (didn't have one for my 650), and perhaps my expectations were too high. I was really hoping to sit down at my desk, slide the 800 on with one hand (perhaps a tighter form factor is needed for this), and remove it one-handed when I leave the desk. The innodock doesn't fit the bill. I will, however, note that the design is creative in the way it allows for cases of different sizes.
    I agree with this review. I have nothing to add. I'm disappointed with the quality of the dock. It's light and loose. It doesn't provide much benefit over just plugging in the cord and leaving it sitting on the desk.
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    I am using a travel charger from boxwave:

    I have the Seidio USB cable plugged into the Innodock & the other end plugged into the boxwave travel charger.

    The light on the Innodock goes green. When I plug my treo in, it makes the beep, the icon on the treo goes to charging, but the "Red/Green" light doesnt come on & the phone doesnt actually charge.

    The travel charger works great when plugged directly into the treo (with another standard micro usb cable.

    Any ideas? I cant imagine the Innodock is defective (as I guess its just a splitter).

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    Does this work with the extended battery?
    Laissez Faire
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    Still not taking Paypal?
    Yea Seidio does not know how much money they are missing by not accepting Paypal.
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    Any plans on making a "Innodock SR"? Based on the pics I have seen and the reviews I read I wont be interested in the Jr.
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    This thing is very cheaply made. It appears they took the shell of the cradle for a 700, gutted it, and quickly threw in the mini usb connector. It's only saving grace it that it does keep the treo vertical.

    Your just as well off taking a coat hanger and fashioning yourself a stand IMHO.

    In the same order I recieved the pen stylus. I'm wondering why Seidio felt the need to brand even that? Thanks guys, but if it's a quality product I'll remember where I bought it. Save yourself some ink.
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    I've purchased and used 3 innodocks for a 700, centro and 755 over the past 18 months. At first - were good. At around 6 months, the fit got a bit loose/wobbly + a few of the feet fell off, but still were okay. At around 10-12 months for 2 of them, the plastic nub part over one of the connectors completely broke off (we're gentle users) All 3 are wobbly and require jiggling to get working. The two with the part gone don't seem right to use (not sure if it's less safe, but either way - pain to get the charge to stick)

    Pretty disappointed, especially at this price + after 3 bought. Seidio did initially reply to my pm's when I contacted them, but stopped communication after a few back and forth pms. (Warranty has passed, but emailed close up photos and tried to offer a fair resolution - ship 2 back on my dime for 1 new junior) The third one isn't holding up well either but still works.

    Honestly - the no brand $9.50 shipped one from ebay has worked better than these three.
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