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    Hey guys,

    I have my 750 now over a month and i am very happy with it.
    Last week i bought the Philips SHB7100 bluetooth headphones to listen to my music cable free.

    Now i have tried for like the last 2 days to get this to work.

    When i initially pair them with my 750 i get like the stereo icon in my taskbar and it works flawless, but... as soon as i reset the 750 or restart the headset i don t get the icon anymore and no music anymore through the headset, although my phone indicates that it is connected with the headset (bluetooth icon is white)
    I also tried some software to force the muzsic through the headphones, but i still haven t found a secure way to get them to work...

    Any, and i mean any help would be appreciated on this...

    thank you
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    Click the BT icon on the today screen.
    tap and hold your headset name on the devices tab.
    Select Set as Wireless Stereo
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