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    I just received a used treo 750 Cingular. Before I was using a Treo 600 and used Chapura to sync and transfer information from my phone to MS Outlook 2003. This does not seem to work with the 750. I downloaded Microsoft Active Sync and hooked up my USB cord and it started the sync. The result was disappointing. I have my email from my inbox, notes, and tasks, but I do not have the Contacts from Outlook or the Calendar appointments. Why does it not transfer the contacts and calendar appointments?

    Is there a way from transferring the data directly from my 600 to the 750?

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    This should work. Did you establish a sync relationship with a different PC before (on the 750)? By default, it will sync calendar and contacts with one PC only.

    On the 750, go into the ActiveSync application and see how many PCs are listed. You can then use Menu > Options to select which items will get synced.

    I wonder if there is a sync relationship left over from the previous user. If so, delete it.
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    you can either transfer the data using your PC or just go to your wireless carrier and they have the utilities to do it.
    I use a GoodLink Server with The Message Center hosted GoodLink service

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