I hope you guys don't have the same problem I did. I googled the "invalid Sprint PCS number" problem with non PictureMail enabled phones. This is where you go to pictures.sprintpcs.com and try to get your password, but wind up getting the above error. Got some results, and didn't see anyone able to obtain an account.

For some reason when I opened my Sprint account with a Mogul I was able to get an account (still a WM device obviously despite one tech support rep saying it wasn't). The account was good for seeing all the pictures I received over a period of time. Also I could access them from PC or the Mogul. Never tried sMMS at the time though.

I decided to change my numbers a couple of times and phones once. I was in Iraq and had cancelled a prior Sprint account so I started new again upon my return.

With a non PictureMail enabled phone the reps kept on giving me a hassle so I couldn't obtain a new PictureMail account or access to my old one.

I talked to two reps online today. I even tried to change my phone online to a hot pink Centro my wife wasn't using. No dice. The phone was broken so when they sent me my PW via text I couldn't get it. I changed the phone back and talked to a new rep claiming that I did so because I couldn't get the password on the Centro. Finally the tech support rep (after 30 min) fixed my account and sent a new text to my 800w I re-setup.

Now I'm g-to-g (good to go). I can get into my old PictureMail account. This means I can finally use sMMS.

If anyone has this problem I encourage you to keep at it with the tech support reps. They don't seem to care that you might be entitled to the account because of your plan. I guess I got them on the fact that I was changing over to a new phone that is PictureMail enabled, but wanted to be sure it would work before doing so. Kinda sounds crazy though that a person would make a decision based solely on PM! haha....