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    Mods, delete this...upon further testing I do still hear part of the beep even without this reg key, so it doesn't do anything useful.


    I read somewhere that someone didn't hear the Voice Command beep when they initiated a voice command via their Bluetooth headset after applying the Palm patch.

    There's a registry hack from the old XV/PPC6700 days that would lengthen the time between the press of the BT button and the VC beep:


    HKLM\software\microsoft\voice command\speech\BluetoothPTTDelay

    (a dword), and then set a delay in milliseconds before playing the beep. I set mine to 1000 and I heard just the tail end of the beep (I'm pretty sure before that I heard nothing). Then I set it to 1500 and nothing changed.

    So I'm not sure if this helps or not, but if anyone else wants to test it out and experiment further, just putting it out there.

    Whether it works or not, I can't take credit for the discovery; this one is from some kind hearted souls over on who worked tirelessly to make the XV/PPC6700 a better phone.
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