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    hey everyone.

    Here's my situation, maybe someone could help:

    For work, I have to put video on our company website, and make it available for the employees to watch from their Treo 700wx. I can't get a file format to just play it. Everything I try prompts me to download. I've seen a few players for the Treo that play many different files, but just can't seem to get them to play directly from the link. Also, we don't want to use windows media player, because the bar on the bottom is too big, and makes it difficult to see some parts of the video.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    What video format?

    And unless you install a different media player, WMP is all you got.

    Not sure why the bar on the bottom would be "too big" either. It'll scale the video, so it's not cut off. Or you can set it to full screen mode.
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    Vtap is great for watching youtube videos on ur treo700wx

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