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    The clock on my 800w is 5 minutes fast at the end of the day. I have it set to get the time from the network. If I shut off the phone and turn it back on again the time is then correct. Any ideas as to why this happens or how to fix it?
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    Do you lose connection often, or even just a couple of times? I believe the way it works is that when the phone loses connection to the tower, it reverts to its own internal clock, which isn't perfect, and it doesn't remember to revert to the network time sometimes.
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    5 minutes is insane. Even by internal clock standards - even for a Microsoft Operating System. Have you installed any software on the the device or performed any registry edits?

    Typical advice in a situation like this, in which core functionality of the phone is in question (and particularly when the problem appears isolated to one user), is to hard-reset and use the phone "stock" for a day or two. See if the problem persists.

    The only other thing I can think of is that it's a screen-redraw issue, but that wouldn't explain 5 minutes *fast*. I see it with my old XV6700 - when I first turn it on and the screen is locked, the clock tends to read the time when the unit suspended (which is of course always in the past), and then catches up once the display lock is disengaged.

    Very strange, 5 minutes.
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    I have only installed a few programs, Opera, google maps, sMMs, MSNBC Mobile. I have also made no changes to the reg. I will keep checking it to see if it keeps happening. Also I am not sure if I ever drop the connection to the tower, I do not think I do.
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    Is it possible that different towers near you have different times? For example, I live in Cincinnati which is on regular Daylight Savings Time. Not too far away is Indiana which uses their own DST schedule. Depending on where I go around town, my times don't always show correctly because different towers are set to different time zones. With this being the case, my phone would occasionally be off by an hour when it shouldn't have been.

    Similarly, it is possible that the time coming from a particular tower is wrong by 5 minutes or so. If you can narrow it down to 'being in a certain area is one thing, and then moving to another is another' then tower support can check the towers in that region to see that they are all synced up. But you have to get as specific as you can in terms of your geographic location if that's the case because they aren't going to go checking 30 towers just for one of them being 5 minutes off the time. But if you can tell them that it's a specific geographic area, and it's narrowed down to a few towers, there's a much better chance of it getting fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wwejason View Post
    Not too far away is Indiana which uses their own DST schedule.
    We do not... Not for a couple of years now.
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