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    Got a text msg today linking me to this. Anything new here?

    July 2008

    Dear Customer,

    Palm has posted a critical software patch for customers with a Palm Treo 700p, Palm Treo 700w and Palm Treo 700wx handset. This patch is important to ensure proper billing.

    Please visit the Palm website ( from your PC to ensure that you have the latest firmware and software installed on your smartphone. Follow the instructions posted to check for a software upgrade.

    If your device is already running the latest software, the website information will inform you and no further action will be needed on your part.

    If your device needs to be updated, the Palm upgrade tool will upgrade your device's software and apply any patches as needed.

    Thank you for your business,
    Verizon Wireless
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    As posted in the other thread, I believe the "proper billing" is because they figured out that people are bypassing the PAM requirements for data and they want their $$$.

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