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    I'm trying to figure out how to PULL my POP email (gmail) to my phone. My issue is that when I manually connect to send/receive, it downloads all messages that I have received in my account since the last time I connected on my phone. However, I also download POP email normally on my laptop. So I really don't want to see a copy of all of the emails that I may have already read. I just want to see the emails that I've gotten since I last downloaded from that account, period (including laptop connection).

    Is this possible? I swear I was able to do it on my 700wx. I feel like I'm missing a setting somewhere. I checked and I am do not have the "Leave messages on server" option enabled on my email client on my laptop.

    Anybody else Pulling email instead of Pushing?
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    The answer is IMAP4 my friend. POP3 is old news.
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    I have attempted to stay away from POP for 3 years. IMAP is by far the better option.

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