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    I have three old Bell 700wx's sitting in my drawer (all with different issues- buttons that don't work, no sound, etc.). How do I pull the data that you need. I can also pull the information off the upgraded phone for you to compare.

    (Now I use search function)
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    I wanted to post a pleasantly surprising clarification to my issue of receiving blank text messages.

    Since I rarely send / receive text messages and don't have a text messaging plan all the messages I was receiving when testing this functionality were using the web based text messaging service. (Goto bell's web site on a pc and send a text message to myself). Using their web site to send the message ALWAYS resulted in the receipt of a blank message or a message with random garbage inside.

    WELL... my wife sent me a couple of text messages from her phone recently and low and behold they were completely in tact and the service worked perfectly !!!

    So to conclude,
    I cannot receive proper text messages from Bell's web site but I can receive messages from other phones I think I can live with that ! I can't honestly even say whether or not Bell's web based text messaging EVER worked for my phone @#$@#$

    Quote Originally Posted by the.teejster View Post
    So I take it my Bell Mobility Treo will not be able to receive text messages anymore

    Thanks for helping me try
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    My device could send and receive text within my own system (cellularsouth) and I could send to anyone, but texts from ATT were blank and from Verizon were random characters including squares and odd punctuation characters. I have it retired to my drawer in hopes someone could figure this out.
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