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    I tried accessing this site thru the 800W & it says I need adobe flash... Is this correct?
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    Yes. The site uses flash.

    You need to hit up a mobile speed test site.
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    which ones are out there that are pretty good?
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    I don't have my 800W yet, will have by the end of the week, but I have been testing my 755P to be able to compare the Rev 0 to Rev A speeds when I do get my 800W. I have been testing on both and and I am getting drastic differences in the speeds from these (2) sites.

    Both sites I did a 1.0M test.

    These are my results: gave me 413kbps and 524kbps gave me 198kbps and 179kbps

    Which site do people feel is the most accurate?
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    I got 650 from mobile speed test and I feel like I'm not actually surfing quite that fast.

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