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    Honestly, I have no clue what keywords to use to properly find info on my problem.

    Anyways, I recently bought a (used) Treo 700wx (Verizon). After I got the battery charged, I messed around with it and everything worked fine. To make sure the battery was full, I decided to leave it charging for a while, to get it to 100%. This is when my problem started.

    I went to check the battery status and the treo was off (not standby, off). I messed around with it and after a few continuous loops of the splash screen, I got it back on. But somehow a hard reset was performed (I swear I didn't do it). This was not a problem though, since it was used and I had yet to erase it.

    So now the treo was working fine, I installed a gps program and paired bt BT gps with it and messed around with that, for 2 days or so. I went to go charge it (I had done so previously during the 2 days using USB with no problem), and the problem came back.

    I could not for the life of me get it turned on again. I finally found out that if I took the battery out, and let the phone cycle for a half hour, it would power on and be fine, until randomly turning off again.

    Please, someone give me insight to whats wrong. I can provide whatever details necessary (obviously, I mean I wrote this god awful long post).
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    Bad battery?

    Bad charger?

    Those would be the frst two things I would check.

    Quote Originally Posted by EarthBoundX5 View Post
    Please, someone give me insight to whats wrong. I can provide whatever details necessary (obviously, I mean I wrote this god awful long post).
    Long post? Pfft, kid stuff. Go read my custom ROM thread if you want to see long posts.
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    Ok, I tried another battery and it seemed to behave differently. I only tried it out to test if it would boot immediately, vs. booting after draining any internal battery(s). It was from a friend's phone and it was only done in haste, as he was in a rush. If I get a chance, I will try other methods of test with the battery, but after seeing the price online, I think I will just buy a new one and cross my fingers.

    I would also like to receive some input before I make my purchase. I simply looked on amazon and stopped when I saw one for $5. If anyone knows any cheaper / better methods to get a battery, please tell me, other wise here is the link:

    Also, I saw this:

    But was confused as the one I have in mine now is original (I think) and its 1800mAh.

    Also, a note, I have amazon prime so I get shipping free from amazon.

    EDIT: And yes, I noticed the title of my topic says "is" instead of "in"
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    Get a quality battery. You'll regret it if you get a cheap no-name brand.

    The extended ones on TC are a good choice.
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    Thanks for the input, but I don't have the money to buy a battery off here. I only payed $50 for the phone in the first place, and that was pushing it. I guess I'll just spend the $5 and get the one off amazon, unless there is another cheap one there you can recommend.
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    I bought an official Palm battery (same model I already had) for $8 through bargincell. When it gets here, I'll see if it works.

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