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    Let me start by saying I have been using Windows Mobile since the 700w came out (1/06 I think). I am a WM fanatic. So this is hard to even think about.

    I am on my third refurbished 700wx replacement in the last two weeks. The VZW tech said to goto the local store & they would give me a brand new 700wx replacement. I went to the store, they didnt have new 700wx's, just refurbs. They also didnt have any 700wx's on the wall (or moto q's on a side note).

    They offered me the 755p but I am not really a palm OS fan (maybe the new one, but not the current one).

    I left with my broken refurb in hand & called tech support. They offered me a BB 8330 (actually any of the blackberries) & I thought the curve sounded like a better size for me.

    They also said I would get it at no cost & if I didnt like it, i could always go back to my 700wx (though it would be a refurb).

    So, with that being said, my 700wx usage is heavy email (via Exchange), calendar, phone, web browsing. While I have been enjoying WM6, I find most of what i do is email.

    I dont really use my slingbox much (software hasnt been installed for 6 months). I dont really play games either. I do have a bunch of mortscripts for one handed items. Overall its email, web & thats pretty much it.

    I do like the WX voice command.

    I am going to try it (as it is free). I was curious for any comments.

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    Touchscreen is really the big loss.

    A lot of people complain about the navigation. I don't care for it.

    Less software availible.

    Other than that, it's pretty much a wash to me.

    Where BB's really shine is for a device that you call and e-mail on. If that's literally ALL (or mostly) what you do, then you may find you like the BB better.
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    Glad to see Verizon is standing behind their devices and letting you switch (that's how I went from a "w" to a "wx" way back when).

    Keep us posted on what you find. I came from BB to the WM Treos as I didn't want to installed 3rd party software on my newly upgraded Exchange server (BES). However, my usage is very similar to yours and I'd be interested in seeing how you like the Curve after some usage.
    Yes, that is my boat.
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    Heres the short/long version of this evening.

    I called VZW, they offered a new wx & the store didnt have it. VZW tech support offered a new 8330. I went to the store to get it & they wanted to extend my contract for 1 year. I called tech support back, they put it on my notes not to extend my contract.

    Then they give me the curve & say "oh you need a newer data plan" - I have the older 20/month unlimited vzw data & 800 texts. They say the old data plan wont work with the curve - I call BS, so I tell them forget it.

    The sales person at the store (who had it in for me) put in my account - has old data plan (not really what I want on my account) needs to upgrade.

    I called the tech support back & they now offer to send me another refurb 700wx but tells me that my plan 'might' get bumped off the phone. They say if it gets knocked off they would try to put it back on but I might have to get the newer data plan instead (30 for the curve or 45 for the treo).

    I told them that if my data plan changes that I would be off for Sprint & the 800w (not that they actually care but...)

    So, the end result is another refurb on the way to me. Grrrr. What a waste of a night.
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    I will say after playing with the curve, I can see there would be an adjustment needed. To goto a web page required multi clicks to bring up the www interface. The subfolders looked a little complex as well (not as easy as the side button on the wx).

    Either way, its not for me. Maybe that 800 is though.
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    Well maybe they were right:

    Sounds like there are specific BB plans. Oh well.
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    My $.02 for what it's worth would be to dump VZW and go w/ Sprint and the 800W. Being that you're a heavy email user, you should keep in mind the 3rd party server issues (i.e. failures) that BB has experienced. That, and the fact that you won't have to master much of a learning curve w/ the 800, like you would w/ the BB. I was a long time BB user up until about this time last year when I jumped ship for WM and have never looked back.
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