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    I tried downloading a .cab file directly on the cell browser. From many sites, it works perfectly well. However, from others, all I can see is garbage characters and numbers on the browser screen.

    Any clue where I am going wrong?

    Any working download managers for Treo?

    -Monil C
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    That means the website set up the wrong mime type for the file and it's trying to download it as text. Depending on the browser you are using there might be a context menu that let's you save as a file. I know PIE Plus had that.
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    Thanks Hannip. I am using PIE. do you have any clue how to save that as a file? the context-menu thing?

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    PIE doesn't have that option. One of the reasons why I liked PIE Plus.

    Although PIE Plus hasn't been updated since '06.

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