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    I have been noticing that at random times, my 800w does not go to standby. By 'standby' I mean, the screen goes blank.

    When it happened last night, I assumed it was related to software and I did a backup and a hard-reset. Then today I had reinstalled a couple of software apps trying to step through which one was causing a conflict.

    Everything was running fine and then it started again. This time I plugged it in and after a few minutes unplugged it. It then went to standby as it should have. Then an hour or so later it started again (not going to standby). I plugged it in again for about a minute or two and it started working again.

    Further testing - I restored my backup and everything works OK, then it starts happening once powers gets to 70% or so. Sometimes the backlight will stay on and then go straight to standby (rather than dimming at 30 secs, standby at 1min)

    Are there 'stages' of power saving that the 800w has?

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    hey I notice that... , it didn't go to blank screen.. but I notice some discolor on the almost blank screen.

    has anybody else saw this too? I actually just press the end button and waited... the next time it goes into blank screen it was okay. probably happen twice since 700W come out.
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    Is there a power management system in place on the Treo? When the power gets low I get all sorts of goofy behavior. For one the standby issue. Seems strange that as the power goes down - - it stays on more than when it is full(er) charged.

    I still think be a software conflict but the issue varies with battery life ??

    What leads me to think there is some sort of power/speed management is that when it gets low it get _really_ sluggish. The screens take longer to respond and closing programs slows down too.


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